Thursday, November 11, 2010

Four hands? I must be a freak...

I guess that Maura has four hands... Surely she must if we are both typing at the same time. No let me guess, she paid someone to type for her right? Or no, she's using two computers. Yes that's it... When will you people get a clue? We are not the same person. Your theories are wrong and you fail...

:) Until next time.

Thanks for the screen shot Krissy...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bird Flu

Some of you may take notice of my twitter being deleted. I only acquired a twitter to communicate with certain people when Maura was first hurt. I have no interest in the twitter drama and game play that is going on.

Leahcim and all of his chums can have a merry old time with it because I have no interest. The only thing that was ever important to me was that my friend was safe and protected... Now that I am aware of her being alright, there is nothing more for me to say.

My skype name is mediahypeagain... If you are interested in talking about things that have nothing to do with the pathetic gossip of attention seekers, feel free to add me.

Thank you :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Making videos about a person who isn't even around to watch them...

Tweeting obsessively about a person who isn't even reading them...

Creating a chat room to bash a person who doesn't even care...

V_forVendetta actually halfway had my respect when he was keeping it real. My first impression was this is a person that was misunderstanding what was really going on.

Now it is apparent to me that V is nothing more than an attention seeker looking for fame and popularity. Much like what he is accusing Maura of. Interesting isn't it?

V_forVendetta sounds very much like another internet attention seeker... Hmmm and who might that be? Well put on your thinking caps. It should be pretty obvious. You do know that nobody takes you seriously right? That nobody actually believes that you worked for Michael Jackson. I mean you are aware of that and just having fun... Right?

Maura is not online making videos, updating a twitter or posting any blogs other than what she posted yesterday. Accusing every single person of being her is ridiculous and very juvenile.

I spoke with her by telephone last night and just to let alllllll of her fans know, she is doing wonderful and taking delight in being so fussed over.

I've looked at Maura's youtube account and seen how her subscribers list is only growing.

I was going to upload so many things to prove my case, but i've decided against it. All of the people with actual intelligence can see through what is happening here. I won't waste my time on remedial, socially inept outcasts. Sorry :)

Have a great night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remember Remember the 4th of November

You betrayed your friend...

I just wanted to mention that I have taken screenshots of every insult sent to Maura. I have printed off all blog entries regarding her. I have downloaded all of the youtube videos made attacking her and all of this information will be forwarded to her mother.

I did not waste any time watching the new V video, but from what I hear, it contains all of the information that I already confessed to.

I told all of you that I used this persons pictures and that she did not say anything until they were posted on a second myspace of my brothers and they fought about it. This is nothing new. This vile human being came forward saying that they were going to expose Maura, Tmz, Sony, AEG and a lot of others. If you read the most recent entry it will become clear to you that this person had it out for Maura and was one of her many haters... Don't be fooled.

I know for a fact that Andrea has been gathering information to submit to this person and was well aware of whom this person was since they first appeared.

Maura is responsible for not stepping up when this persons photos were used, but is not responsible for them being used. I decided to use them myself or at least the one without mentioning to her. So did my brother.

Maura cut both of her wrists and was not found for two hours. This is not a joke and there is no game about this. This person had nothing on her but an assumption just like she told all of you.

My brother died on August 6th 2010. It's not funny and it isn't something that should be mocked or used to hurt Maura.

Virginia and my brother had a very close emotional and PHYSICAL (get that?) relationship. And it is painful for her to see things like this. It's not funny that people have gotten hurt and even lost their lives over this sort of thing.

All of you that think that is a joke, you really might want to keep it to yourselves. Because everything that you tweet is being print screened.

The only "evidence" that this person provided was pictures. It was a dishonest thing to do, but does not prove that Maura lied about anything. You would not even be aware of how those pictures are connected to Maura unless I had told you myself.

This person wanted something bad to happen to Maura because of jealousy. And most of her so called friends walked right into the trap of it. How does that make you feel? She was your friend and needed you. She hurt herself not because of ridiculous videos being released that support nothing, but because her friends did not trust in her or go to her for answers.

But hey, I suppose its easier for your conscience to write this off as attention seeking right? To accuse me of being Maura or to say that she created fictional characters for entertainment. Is it easier for you? Wow... That must be nice.

This is the last time that I say it. The only thing that Maura is guilty of is the association of the photos. NOTHING more. I really hope that the evidence was powerful enough to help you sleep tonight.

Miss Piggy didn't deserve Kermit

This will be my last post on blogger. I provided an update on Maura to everybody that was very concerned about her. They can do whatever they feel necessary with the information but I will not make it public.

In all essence I will say that frankly I don't care what is thought of me. I know that I was irresponsible and made some p
oor choices and I did apologize.

But to be honest a good 95% of you deserve exactly what you get in this death hoax.

I am amazed how people that spend 22 out of 24 hours a day either in chatrooms gossiping or causing mischief against other chatrooms or on twitter tweeting their lives away, could possibly criticize or damned anybody else.

Get a job, pay attention to your children, go to school or pay attention to your spouses. How about you go out and mingle and perhaps you can have a spouse?

You make yourselves victims to peoples ruthless and twisted behavior when you don't make yourselves productive in life.

Any individual that is actually stupid enough to believe that Maura and I are the same person, I guess is too mentally challenged to have a real life. Hence the freakishly disturbing behavio
r on the internet.

You are happily married? Is that so? Is that why you spend all of your time on the internet causing trouble? You are mentally sane and "cool" because you admitted to your lie? No... You are a sociopath with severe mental retardation or psychosis.
Who are you trying to fool? G
o ahead and accuse Maura and I of being the same person. I really hope that this V for Vendetta presents concrete evidence of this tomorrow because if it's not presented, many of you will live the rest of your lives with an innocent persons blood on your hands...

Anybody "excited" about the release of this video is mentally deranged and should be euthanized .

Maura is a human being and if you like her or you hate her, it doesn't matter . Nobody should be deserving of what has happened to her.
Do you think that you will gain Michael Jackson's love and respect by what you are doing? Do you think that Michael would be really be gung-ho for public humiliation and torment toward another human being?

I don't care if she is a serial killer. A video will not discredit hard research that she has done for all of you mindless peons that are too busy being cyber-nazis to do your own investigative work.

I do not believe in a death hoax, in fact I kno
w that there is no death hoax. But I respect what she has done because she thinks for herself and does research to really understand who this man was.

Hahaha... Silly children. I laugh at what you say about me and what you accuse me of. Do you know why? Because I don't rely on the internet to provide me with fundamentals of common sense.

The truth of the mat
ter is, Maura is a very sane girl that somehow for whatever reason decided to coexisted in world of psychopathic Michael Jackson fanatics.

I won't blog again because I willfully walked away from this joke many months ago. I only came here to defend my friend. B
ut at this point, there is no purpose because what has happened has happend.

Andrea a lot of people may think that I am Maura because of the fact that I am focused on you. What really grinds me is that I know how much she really trusted and cared about you. Even when you had hurt her previously she cared about you. The few times that I had spoken to her she was often concerned about you being stressed in your pregnancy because of all of this. And it absolutely turns my stomach to see some of the things that you are tweeting about her. "Moora"?
Are you kidding? And
rea I have seen Maura when she was overweight and I have seen her now at her current weight. Either way she is a very beautiful woman.
You literally look like a wild pig. I can't be
lieve that you even have a slight bit of gull to insult someones weight or looks. Not only does your attitude and personality reek of bile, but you are physically the most unattractive woman that I have ever seen in my life. Maura is beautiful and i'm pretty certain that anybody with a brain can see that. Thin, medium or fat, shes very pretty. You? mmm... Not so much...

Now hmm vs Maura when she was overweight?

I don't know what do you think? Who has the right to be making fun of how a person looks?

And if anybody would like to see what she looks like currently

Maura is my friend and has taken fault and fall for mistakes that she didn't make. I won't forgive myself for not stepping forward sooner. I really don't care what Miss. Piggy or her hoard of unmarried, unhappily married , pathetic Posse has to say about me.

A video being released about Maura is really wrong because she is undeserving, but really it does not matter either. None of any of these things matter anymore. Maura was a good person and had many flaws, but someone worthwhile for keeping around.

It's a pity that she could not see how many people really did have her corner and weren't insane. Damn pity...

I hope that all of you in the Michael Jackson death hoax community eventually wake to see the reality of everything. You are living in a delusional fantasy land. All of your actions in the past year and half, have lead to absolutely nothing. Does that not speak enough for you?

Maura never used myself or my brother or anybody or information that she has learned through us, in any of her material. Her work is genuine and researched. Why not just appreciate that and respect that? Why be so jealous and hateful that you break her down to feeling like nothing?

My word may mean nothing right now... But you just wait and see your handsome reward for this behavior. Keep waiting for a miracle ,because it's not coming. You lost out on that big time.


Still ALL the hype :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am amazed that I came forward and did the right thing and people don't seem to be satisfied. I suppose that you can not please everybody. I know that what I did was very wrong. But again people still don't seem to learn. People still seem to follow these "insiders" and still believe in the existence of this make believe hoax.

I was completely honest with what I just told you all. I did not say or imply that Maura was innocent because she was not, but she had nothing to do with the things that I did to mislead people. She honestly didn't. She never used anything concerning us when applying it to her hoax investigation videos or anything.

I told the truth because Maura was terrified that this V person was going to release a series of videos exposing myself and my brother and what happened. I don't know if there were other things that she kept from us, but I really doubt it because is not that kind of person.

There are people going to their twitters and tweeting very vile and very wrong things about Maura. After I told you all what happened to her last night. I'm telling you straight forward exactly what happened. I know that a lot of people may be angry about it and I understand that. But I did this so that people will stop blaming her for things that she is not responsible for.

GoldPantsRhot I know that you are reading this blog and I would advise you to stop with your twitter rants. You have lied about multiple things and multiple people. There is a lot more to your story than lying about being pregnant. A lot of people do not care for you and did not trust you as blindly as Maura did. There is a slew of information that I would be willing to post to this blog if you do not delete those God awful tweets about Maura you sick, putrid tub of lard. You are the biggest (no pun intended) coward that I have seen in the mix of all of this. You not only put a sword in your best friends back, but you are judging her and accusing her of things with such malice, all the while you lied to so many people about something so sacred. What about that? Is that alright? Are most these people so bent on hating Maura, that the sick and twisted thing that you did is being ignored? How do you mistakenly fool people into thinking that you are pregnant for five months? How do you give a due date? How do you claim to be feeding your baby or having diabetes in relation to being pregnant... All by mistake? You accused this woman of maliciously attacking your child. You had people thinking that she was a horrible person and attacked children, when you didn't even have a child to attack. I am disgusted by how you are handling this after what you've done.

I am not a fake informant of any kind. If I was a fake informant then I would be full of Michael stories and so forth. I am not doing anything like that. I'm just telling the truth.

I will not say anything else about this matter. I'm just warning that what I said was true. I am just warning that Maura did cut her wrist last night. I don't know how to prove this. You will have to just wait and see... Again, i'm sorry for what I did.

Who Is Mediahypeagain?

It's been quite awhile but today I have something to say.

In August I made the decision to delete my twitter account and all of my writings because I was in disbelief of the disrespect that I received regarding my brothers passing. I couldn't believe that in the light of something so tragic, people in death hoax land still had the ability to coralate a clue into all of it.

When I first created my twitter and then my blog, it was all in good fun. I have found the idea of a Michael Jackson Death Hoax to be ridiculous from the very beginning.
Additionally, being a person that is very much privy to information regarding Michael's life, I knew that people started to get carried away with the events of June 25th.

So I do admit it. I was just having fun with people to make an example of how easy it is to be manipulated by people who want attention. I was wrong for that and I do apologize.

There seems to be a person or persons that is taking particular delight in harassing and hurting a person that I care deeply about. To the extent of her hurting herself last night.

The person that I care about is Maura. A.K.A Mjfanforeverandaday.

When I first contacted Maura, it was to make a fool out of her and embarrass her.
I saw that she had posted on a death hoax forum claiming to be someone that knew Michael Jackson and had inside information. She said that she knew him and that she had children that played with his children and a few other things. I knew that she was being dishonest about these things and decided to have some fun with her.

I contacted her and told her that at the 02 arena press conference it was not Michael Jackson, but a man named Jonathan that had been working for Michael for several years. Of course initially she did not believe me, but somehow I was actually able to convince her that I was telling the truth.

Jonathan is my brother and a real straight ass. He always does everything by the book and never was much of the type to take risks. For reasons that I understand of course, but you have to live a little and have fun. No matter what tragedy is presented to you in life a person can not use that as a shield against all happiness.

In short, I gave Maura contact info for my brother and took a front seat to his and her reaction, laughing the entire time. Well, ironically they became great friends and she wasn't even angry at me for what I had been doing. Maura has this ability to really empathize with people and see things from their point of view. It is the reason that I am always perplexed by people saying that she is narrow minded and does not listen to others opinions.

My brother and I told Maura as much about our lives as we could. Interestingly enough, she never really asked questions about Michael. Really... She found investigating the death hoax exciting and wanted to find things out on her own. I told Maura repeatedly that there was not a death hoax. That there were not a series of clues left behind for the fans to figure out. Jonathan and I both told Maura several times that this was just a personal choice that Michael made.
He did not want to go on living his life the way that he was. He wanted to bring peace to his family and allow the children to live normal lives and not deprive them of the things that he and some of us had been deprived of. I knew that she meant well with her videos, but I felt that she could have been placing her energy into something more worthwhile.

At some point people started to catch on to me. Also Jonathan became involved in a very strange relationship with two women that he met in Peterpanpyt's chat room. People started to follow all of us around and of course we got worried because we were never to be online in the first place. Jonathan and I were made aware of someone that was even planning on hacking our computers to get information about who we really were. This was something that could not be risked.

I figured that the most sought after thing that people probably wanted was a picture of myself or Jonathan. I was just going through some myspace profiles on Maura's old myspace and came across one of a guy that actually looked remarkably like us. This is the part where Maura is probably the most at fault or the worst thing that she has actually done in all of this. I took the picture and just placed it on my blog. When she saw the blog she never commented or said anything. I don't know why she just went along with it, but she did and it was never really spoken about. Everything was alright with the one photograph.
For whatever reason, Jonathan created another my space profile after deleting the last one. Keep in mind there were many horrible things going on in his life at this time. He felt a lot of anger and resentment towards people he felt that he could not trust and was no longer himself. When he created this myspace page for the second time, he used a lot of these photos of this guy. He was very angry at Maura because of a bad confrontation that they had. When she saw the photos on his myspace page, she was stricken with anxiety and became very upset with him. She asked him repeatedly to remove the photographs, but he refused. When she threatened to contact the person that the photos belonged to, he told her that he would say that she gave him the photos to use. It was a very ugly and dark time in Maura and Jonathans friendship. He was not himself and nobody could get through to him. She basically just let it drop assuming that this person would never find out that his photos were being used. I know that she even left a comment on of the photos at one point.

If there is anything that Maura has been guilty of, it's being too emotionally attached to people that were not fully honest with her about a lot of things.
She was wrong to not speak up about the photographs that's very true. That is literally the only thing that she is guilty of in all of this. Maura became a part of my brother and I's life. She, Annie and Virginia became the only people in this world that really know about us, our origins and everything that we suffered through.

I feel that frankly, Jonathan was too open with Maura about certain things and I know that she mistakenly disclosed a few of these things to other people to whom she trusted. It's extremely hard to take on another persons burden and carry them with you.

I have done many things that Jonathan and Maura aren't aware of. Call it immaturity or boredom. Or just call it annoyance with people whose lives are consumed with this ridiculous notion that Michael Jackson faked his death to save them. It is ridiculous. Do you understand that? R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

Michael has always been a great performer. Michael gets what he wants when he wants it and only cares about himself and his children. I'm sorry but it's true. Michael knows what is going on with all of you that are chasing this hoax dream. Michael does not care and finds it amusing. I'm sorry but it's T-R-U-E. He does love his fans very much and does not take them for granted. I do not mean to sound cold or as if you all have no meaning to him. But he does find it amusing that instead of really trying to concentrate on what he tried to express, you all just bad mouth one another and spread lies and rumors. He rests very well every night and does not give this a second thought.

These "informers" are bull to the shit. Michael has not sent anybody to watch or spread the good word of the hoax. Michael is not terminally ill. He does not wish to seek revenge on anybody at all and is very content with how is life is right now.

What I have tried to stress to Maura for the past year is the importance of utilizing her time in a better way. Maura did not ask question to Jonathan and I about Michael. But that never stopped us from trying to show her that this was a very huge waste of time.

There are many people with nothing to do most of the time (points to self) and they wait in the wings to just bother people and bring them false hope. I did this previously, but when Virginia and my brother hurt themselves it was a wake up call for me to stop messing around with people. I have not since.

It is unfair to accuse Maura of being me or Jonathan or creating people to hurt people. Have any of you that are hurting her gotten to really know her? She would never by any means possible, purposely mislead people in that way.

What is misleading and what is shocking to me, is how this mammoth of a woman can have the audacity to say that Maura is mentally ill and needs to be committed, when she spent the better part of six months telling people that she was carrying a child. Going as far as to crying on a microphone saying that she feels "so fucking guilty for bringing a child into this world of sick people" Accusing an innocent person of attacking her baby, when there was no baby. Telling many people that she will not lose her child because of all of this. Yes, I have been watching Andrea. I know what you have been doing. How in heavens name can you call a person mentally ill because you "think" that she is using different names? How can you when you admitted to the sick thing that you mislead people to believe? That just shocked me.

To the woman who made the accusation of your room visitor being Maura because you read a few tarot cards. You also read cards that Virginia was not hurt this summer. Virginia showed on camera a disgusting gash in her thigh from a knife wound. She had her nurse UN bandage this and show it because she was being accused of lying about it.

I just find it unbelievable how people with transparent mental illnesses can accuse Maura of having one.

Maura is not myself, Jonathan, Virginia or anybody else. She is very much her own person and a person that unknowingly got mixed into something that she should not have gotten mixed into.

Btw, when I asked Maura about why she lied on the forums, she forwarded me a few Aim conversations of a woman that she had been talking to. The woman was afraid to post on the forums about her, so Maura went in her place hoping to find some answers.

It seems to me that her ability to want to empathize with people often leads to her being hurt.

Maura cut her wrists last night. I don't know anything about her condition at all. I just know what I was told. There are people that are accusing me of being her to mask the guilt of what they have been doing to her in recent weeks.

Everything that I just told you is the absolute truth and it is your choice to believe me.

This person "V" and some of the people that Maura felt that she could trust, are making these videos because they don't know the entire story. I just told you all most of it. It's what really happened and I am sorry for any person that I hurt with my antics.

Also, yes it was me that was "thriller" in Mauras chatroom all of those months ago. She really did not know at the time because she and I weren't talking much then.
There were photos that I emailed her of Paris and this guy where they looked a lot alike. It was to prove a point about how children can look like anybody, but it does not mean that there is a blood relation. It all started because of Mark Lester spreading a rumor about Harriet and Paris looking so much alike because they were sisters and he was Paris's father. I was simply trying to prove a point and she agreed that it was a good point to prove. But Maura is honestly a bit of a ditz at times and she didn't even recognize who was in the photograph. I was calling her on the telephone and stuff, but again she had been only talking to my brother for the most part and didn't know who I was as thriller. He didn't even know what I was doing. So when I got bored, I just had a lady that worked in our house say that I died. Yes my real name is Elliot.

Maura only found out that was me back in the summer and we stopped being friends because of that. We did still talk every now and then, but we lost our friendship because of what I did. She saw me differently and realized that I potentially could have caused her to lose many friendships.

When my brother died, Maura and I really stopped talking altogether. We both held a lot of guilt over the things that transpired that day. And I felt as though she stopped trusting me a long time ago because of everything that I had done.

Maura honestly just got involved in something that she was not fully understanding of. She tried to understand but there was only so much that even we could not tell her. She is guilty of assisting with some slight manipulations. But she is not guilty of everything that she is being accused of.

At this point all that I know is that she cut her wrists. I do not know anything else about that situation. I know that a lot of people will not believe this blog and will still continue to accuse her of being me or creating Jonathan and myself. That is not the case at all. Maura does not deserve what people are doing to her right now.
All that these videos from "V" will tell you, is exactly what I just told you. But this person did not have the entire story. I just gave it to you. There will be consequences to what I just told you. I know that. But if something happens to Maura or if God forbid she was successful in what she tried to do last night, I don't want her ending legacy to be based on the premise of a lie.

I know that many people will still fault her for being misleading in certain things and I really can not blame you for that. But you all should know the entire story.

I have not provided detail about myself and Jonathan, who we are and how we know Michael Jackson. This is all that I can tell you:

Michael knew our Mother and we lost her at a very young age. Micheal was young also but kept in contact with us. When he was old enough he did somewhat take responsibility for us and he has had a very large role in our lives. Very similar to Omer. He is not our father or anything like that but has truly been like one to us.

That's all that I can tell you but i'm sure that won't be believed either.
It's not for you to believe. I am an asshole and have done many things to hurt people out of pleasure because I found most of the people investigating this to be pathetic. I am sorry and all that I can ask of is your forgiveness.

I did not have to come forward and do this or admit to these things. I am sure many of them Maura would not want me to tell. But I felt like the truth needed to be told once and for all.

Please just stop attacking and harassing her for things that I did. It's really not right.

My last form of admission is a very hard one and will make me seem like a monster, but I only had the best of intentions. When Maura was being attacked about my brothers death I just wanted to help her. So I made this photo and said that it was my brothers death photo. We were stricken with grief over what happened to him. We were mourning and just wanted people to stop saying horrible things about what had happened to him. I gave it to her and told her to just show it to a few people and then people would stop. Maura was taking several medications and basically having a mental breakdown. She was easily convinced that it was real. I had the best of intentions and wasn't thinking.

When you sum it all up, all that she ever tried to do was protect us and in the end it looks like protecting us, made her lose a lot of people that she really cared about. If something happens to Maura, I will carry this with me the rest of my life
. I only hope that wherever she is that she can forgive me when she finds out about this blog. It just had to be done.
Thank you.